Theoretical Ecology and Evolution

The Bank lab @ Universität Bern & the Gulbenkian Institute

A list of people working in the Bank lab and/or associated with it. See also our Uni Bern contact page


Claudia Bank

  • Principal investigator, Head of Division
  • Contact: evoldynamics [at]

Photo of Claudia Bank I study evolution – and in particular, the population genetics of adaptation and speciation – at the interface of theoretical and empirical biology. The approaches I use involve theoretical modeling, computational methods, and statistical data analysis.

André Amado

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Contact: aamado [at]

Photo of André Amado I am very interested in evolution in general. Currently, I am developing models for the way fitness landscapes vary across different environments. Before joining the Evolutionary Dynamics group, I investigated the role tradeoffs play in evolution.

Juan Li

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Contact: lijuan2010big [at]

Photo of Juan Li I am interested in speciation and polygenic traits evolution in general. Currently, I am working on detecting hybrid incompatibilities in population genomes, and also on the question how standing variation contribute the population adaptation under a sudden selection.

Davide Cusseddu

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Contact: davide.cusseddu [@]

Photo of Davide Cusseddu I study models of mutation and selection, especially analytical solutions to mechanisms of adaptation, e.g. for the probabilities of evolutionary rescue in mutational meltdown. This can help us to better understand how viruses may escape the effects of mutagenic drugs.

Ana Y. Morales-Arce

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Contact: aymorales [at], web-site

Photo of Ana Y. Morales-Arce I use experimental evolution in combination with simulations to understand the adaptation of the Influenza A virus to mutagenic drugs. My research explores the relative roles of different evolutionary processes in shaping pathogen variation and evolution, including progeny skew, infection dynamics, as well as direct and linked selection effects.

Loïc Marrec

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Contact: loic.marrec [at]

Photo of Ana Y. Loïc Marrec My general interest is in theoretical evolution and population genetics. My aim is to understand how evolutionary and ecological dynamics shape microbial communities. More specifically, I study the biodiversity and stability of these communities using analytical methods and stochastic simulations, as well as data.

Ana-Hermina Ghenu

  • PhD student (co-supervised by Isabel Gordo)
  • Contact: ahghenu [at]

Photo of Ana-Hermina Ghenu My general interest is in understanding how evolutionary processes shape genomes. I am particularly fascinated by the selective forces that different environments exert on a given genome. My Ph.D. research integrates fitness landscapes theory with bacterial experimental evolution in order to understand antibiotic resistance across environments.

Marco Louro

  • PhD student (co-supervised by Mónica Bettencourt Dias)
  • Contact: mlouro [at]

Photo of Marco Louro My main research interests are evolution and cell biology. For my PhD, I am studying how the number of tiny subcellular structures called centrioles evolves during cancer development. Specifically, I want to understand how centriole number heterogeneity in cancer cells is generated, and what are its consequences for somatic cell evolution.

Adamandia Kapopoulou

  • Bioinformatician
  • Contact: adamantia.kapopoulou [at]

Photo of Adamandia Kapopoulou My background is both genetics and bioinformatics, and I am interested about genomics in general. In the past, I have been working mainly with NGS datasets focusing on cancer genomics, epigenetics, demography, and the evolution of transcription factors and endogenous retroviruses. I am currently working on human Ancient DNA and population genetics of bacterial communities.

Associated members

Massimo Amicone

  • Associated PhD student (Gordo lab)
  • Contact: mamicone [at]

Photo of Massimo Amicone I’m generally interested in the interplay between ecological and evolutionary processes. My current goal is to understand how eco-evolutionary dynamics can shape the diversity of microbial communities. Inspired by empirical observations, I build ecology-driven models of adaptation to generate new hypotheses regarding the evolution of bacteria within the gut microbiota and to answer general questions about biodiversity.

Lab Alumni

Mark Schmitz

  • Data/Lab-manager (2020)

Lucy Lansch-Justen

  • Summer project student (2020)

Lila Fishman

  • Sabbatical Visitor (2020)
  • Contact: lila.fishman [@]; web-site

Alex Wong

  • Sabbatical Visitor (2019)
  • Contact: web-site

Dragan Stajic

  • Associated postdoctoral fellow (2019)

Christian Diwo

  • Trainee (2019)

Alexandre Blanckaert

  • Postdoc (2016-2019)

Inês Fragata

  • Postdoc (2016-2019)

Dinis Seward

  • Summer project student (2019)

Vedanth Sriram

  • Summer project student (2019)

Manuel Fortunato

  • Modeling project student (2018)

Sofia Torres

  • Summer project student (2018)

Emma Berdan

  • Visiting postdoc (February/March 2018)

Andreia Teixeira

  • Trainee (2016)

Mariana Vidal Pinheiro

  • Summer project student (2016)

Telmo Cunha

  • Summer project student (2016)