Theoretical Ecology and Evolution

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Welcome to the web page of the Bank lab at the University of Bern and the Gulbenkian Institute.

Theoretical Ecology and Evolution

In the Division of Theoretical Ecology and Evolution, we use theoretical and statistical approaches to quantify evolutionary processes. With projects ranging across all levels of biological organisation, we address questions about adaptation and speciation.

Lab News Ticker

Date Event
19.03.2021 Claudia participates in the UniBe teaching workshop “Tipps und Tools für gute Lehre”
18.03.2021 Claudia participates in the UniBe HR workshop “Grundlagen des Personalmanagements”
17.03.2021 Claudia hosts Oana Carja from Carnegie Mellon University for a seminar on “A general theory of evolutionary dynamics on any complex spatial structure”
12.03.2021 From our collaboration with Isabel Gordo at the IGC and led by Dragan, we have a new preprint on bioRxiv with the title “Epigenetic switching outcompetes genetic mutations during adaptation to fluctuating environments”. Feedback welcome!
09.03.2021 Jessica participates with a poster at the 1st DNAqua International Conference
04.03.2021 Our preprint on “Deleterious mutation accumulation and the long-term fate of chromosomal inversions”, led by Emma and Alex, is now published in Plos Genetics
11.02.2021 Loïc gives an online course on “How to read a scientific paper” at the Inserm in Paris for 2nd year medical students
11.01.2021 Claudia gives a virtual talk at the conference Ecology and co-evolution: from models to data and back
15.11.2020 Farewell to Mark
01.11.2020 Welcome to our new postdoc Loïc ! Willkommen
01.10.2020 Welcome to our new bioinformatician Mado ! Willkommen
01.10.2020 Welcome to our new associated PhD student Jessica ! Willkommen
01.10.2020 Our first official day in Bern! Several group members are continuing their work in Portugal for the time being.